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Honor 90 Lite

Honor 90 Lite 5G 256GB Midnight Black

The Honor 90 Lite is a smartphone with a lot to offer. Boasting everything from a lightweight seamless slim design to a 6.7” edgeless display, users are in for a real treat.

Key Features:

  • 4500mAh Large Battery With 35W Honor SuperCharge
  • 6.7" Edgeless Display
  • Large Storage (8GB RAM + 256GB Storage)
  • 100MP Main Camera

Design and Screen

With the Honor 90 Lite’s 6.7” edgeless display maximising entertainment is now easy as can be. A 90Hz refresh rate swoops in and delivers ultra-smooth visuals with every use, Dynamic Dimming technology alleviates eye fatigue and a 93.6% screen-to-body ratio creates a cinema-like viewing experience. So whether you’re gaming, streaming or snapping pics, the 90 Lite display will always be to do the job in fantastic quality.

The lightweight design of this HONOR is just as impressive. A smooth and delicate surface coats the rear of the handset, and is resistant to any marks and fingerprints! Now keeping your smartphone in amazing condition is simple.


Capture mini masterpieces with the 90 Lites 100MP wide main camera! No matter if you’re cropping, zooming in from afar or switching between modes, this handset will always provide you with consistent crystal-clear detail. A bunch of templates and soundtracks are also available for you to play around with, so you can create your own mini-movies in seconds!

Features and Performance

Tired of running out of storage? Well with this 2023 HONOR, this will never be a problem thanks to a large 8GB + 256GB storage! Now you can save down and download content completely stress-free.

Fantastic cinema-level audio is another feature you can look forward to. Thanks to dual Hi-Res certification and high-volume mode, you can hear audio louder and clearer than ever - even in noisy environments!

Lastly, with the 4500mAh battery inside the device paired with 35W Honor SuperCharge, you can charge up to 55% in just half an hour!

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