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Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts

Store Manager

Get Connected

What our customers say

My phone decided to throw a major hissy fit and my phone supplier said… have a new phone. It arrived, but wouldn’t work, leaving me with my old phone that would ring and ping incessantly, yet wouldn’t allow me to answer or even look at it, coyly switching itself on/off if I so much as looked in its direction.
Oh, how I long for the days before mobiles became stuck to our hands and ears… and lament the fact I can no longer disappear quietly without everyone being able to reach me at their finger tips!
Anyway. I digress, I popped into the store and was happy to be seated and sorted by Ian. Sorry didn’t get your last name. Fabulous guy. Such an oasis of calm. He didnt seem to get ruffled by anything. Not only did he sort out the issue with the new phone, he re- negotiated the new contract as my phone supplier were being a little naughty in their dealings with me.
What a great shop to have locally. What an asset to have Ian working there. I would have been lost and still in the dog house if he hadn’t sorted my problem so quickly and efficiently.
A humungus thank you and thumbs up from me :0)

– Daisy Dink

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