USB C to Lighting Cable


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    • The Swissten data cable with USB-C and Lightning connector is designed for the data transfer between the MacBook and iPhone, iPad or iPod. The length 1.2 m is ideal for use on the office desk, but also on a bed table or in a car. Thanks to the strong design it can transmit the current up to 3A and the speed of data transfer would be up to 480 Mb/sMFI certification ensures the compatibility with all Apple devices.

      Using also in the extremely condition

      The high strength of the cable Swissten is ensured thanks to the flexible and solid textile covering and the connectors made by the anodized aluminum. These connectors could be exposed to much harder treatment then the plastic one. The robust cable formed by two copper wires ensures the transmission of current up to 3A.

      What does anodized aluminum mean?

      The anodized aluminum which is the raw material for the production of the connectors of the Swissten data cable consists of the external layer of aluminum oxide that is chemically deposited on the aluminum basement. The purpose of the aluminum oxide layer is to protect the original material and create the complex which does not oxidize even when it is exposed to the hard conditions.

      Key parameters

      •       Druable data cable.
      •       Length 1.2 m.
      •       Extremely strong covering of connectors is made by the anodized aluminum.
      •       Speed of data transfer up to 480 Mbps.
      •       Allow the extremely fast charging of Apple devices using Power delivery technology.
      •       Transmission current up to 3A.
      •       The life cycle of the cable is more than 10 000 flexions.
      •       The textile covering ensures the higher flexibility and durability.
      •       MFI certification (Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod).


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